shane needham
Producer. Ad Exec. Technocrat. Chef.


For Hire

Beyond my day job, I'm always looking for opportunities to contribute to people doing great things. Whether it be a community or commercial project, I'm available to freelance, contract or consult on your project.

I offer a range of services and experience in marketing, advertising and branding. I specialize in digital production but offer a full range of production services. I can also provide media, creative and copywriting services as well.

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About Me

Lorne Michaels said, "producing is like an invisible art. If you're any good at it, you leave no fingerprints." Working with technology, creative people and great ideas, like law or medicine, is a practice. It takes time, critical thinking, strong connections and a tireless attitude of service.

I'm happiest when I'm bringing my knowledge, experience and resources to make great ideas happen. Whether it be in my career or my personal pursuits, I'm always seeking out opportunities to help others bring their ideas to life.